Meet Bria

Bria O’Brien

Bria O’Brien is a highly knowledgeable legal professional with over 20 years of experience supporting attorneys and law firm clients. Bria serves the firm’s clients as our knowledge and information manager. More than a paralegal, Bria is a critical member of the Investigations Team and offers her specialized background and experience to analyze and synthesize key information in our client matters. Bria is highly organized, detail-oriented and technologically savvy. Her previous experience in international, large law firms as a legal librarian also affords her the unique advantage of understanding the often-complex issues we navigate in workplace investigations and renders her a key team member in charge of document review, research, analysis, and identifying and closing knowledge gaps.  Bria often serves as a sounding board for the firm’s attorneys during investigations as well as the subject matter expert on the facts and evidence in our investigations.

Fun Facts

About Bria

When not reading through investigation files, Bria enjoys cooking while listening to Johnny Cash, Tom Waits or JJ Cale, preferably while drinking a glass of wine. Favorite wines are Pinot Noir from the Willamette Valley or Rieslings from Mosel. Bria enjoys being out in nature with her child and husband. Their favorite nature spot is the Stockholm Archipelago; the great outdoors interspersed plenty of bakeries.