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Ellen Vandever | Aecus Law

Ellen Vandever

Ellen brings over a decade of administrative expertise to Aecus Law. She thrives on diving headfirst into the nitty-gritty challenges that others might shy away from, finding genuine satisfaction in untangling complex issues. With an infusion of creativity from her degree in the arts mixed with her joy of helping people, Ellen gets a great deal of satisfaction in being the Aecus Law “Girl Friday.”

Often serving as the first point of contact for clients and employees, Ellen provides professional and friendly assistance with inquiries or requests. Over the years in her administrative roles, she has learned to adapt to changing priorities. Ellen understands that handling multiple tasks simultaneously is invaluable in fast-paced environments, where agility and flexibility are essential. Above all, she is committed to confidentiality and discretion to ensure the protection of sensitive information and foster trust.

Ellen’s strengths lie in her attention to detail and her ability to juggle multiple tasks at once. She enjoys ensuring the smooth operation of the day’s plans by handling essential tasks such as scheduling, correspondence, and record-keeping. If you listen closely, you might be able to hear her tapping away on her keyboard and checking things off the office to-do lists.

Ellen's Education & Professional Affiliations

Ellen Vandever received her Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Theatre from Shorter College in Georgia. While her educational background may seem unconventional for an administrative role, Ellen has seamlessly blended her creative roots with her passion for organizational excellence. Throughout her career, Ellen has undertaken numerous courses and professional development opportunities to hone her administrative skills. This unique blend of artistic sensibility and administrative acumen sets Ellen apart in her field.

Fun Facts

About Story

At the core of Ellen’s identity is her passion for storytelling, which she channels into her role as an author of middle-grade and young adult mystery books.

From a young age, Ellen found solace and excitement in the pages of mystery novels that sparked her love for reading. Now, she aspires to kindle that same passion in young minds.

Ellen finds joy in the simple pleasures of family life, like sharing cozy, themed, movie nights with her husband and young son. She is also shamelessly obsessed with regency dramas, scared of butterflies, and hopes to someday solve a murder mystery on a train.