Is Your Business or Professional Life Out of Alignment?

Imagine that uncomfortable, immobile feeling you get when your back or neck is out and you’re having pain simply moving through your day. If you’re like most folks, you’ll take corrective action, i.e., make an appointment with your chiropractor for an adjustment of your spine where she will put your vertebrae into correct alignment.

Just like your body, you can feel misaligned in your business.  Have you felt overwhelmed by the stress of growing your business but lacking resources to do so? Have you had a difficult time with an employee that seems to be getting worse, despite your efforts to course correct? Do you want to learn how to be a better communicator and leader but are unsure where to start?

Roadblocks and challenges present themselves to all of us.  When you and your business are in alignment, your purpose and vision are clear and your goals are attainable, you can confidently work towards them and not be derailed by these roadblocks.  The question is: How do you get started? Meet Michelle Carlen, Founder & President; Alignment Advising, where both businesses and individuals can turn to and find their best success.

What’s your ‘Why?’

I dreamt of owning my own business for years.  I knew I wanted to help other business owners and professionals and support their growth from an organizational perspective, as well as a personal one.  While working at a traditional job, I found myself stuck in the proverbial “rock and a hard place.”  I decided to make the right decision for me — to uphold ethical business practices — but ultimately lost my job as a result.

This experience drove me to help other individuals and companies who face difficult professional situations and setbacks.  I chose to use the time for introspection. I reflected on how to leverage my skills and experience to help companies grow, be more efficient, while also developing the talent of their employees and creating workplace culture that values best business practices.

Tell us about your company!

I formed Alignment Advising in 2019 to support organizations, businesses, and individuals in creating customized plans to help them reach their best success.

I work directly with my clients and guide them on a forward moving path.  Each person’s needs are unique and after an initial consult, I shine a light on specific areas and adjustments that can be made. I believe that when we are in alignment, things flow, and we are better able to reach our goals and ultimately our potential.

How can you help me?

Alignment Advising provides organizations with strategic business management tools and practical techniques to navigate and overcome challenges related to organizational structure, revenue generation, and resource allocation.  We also enhance the employer/employee experience by training staff in communication and professional development.

Working with individuals, we coach professionals in crafting and reaching their goals by outlining actionable plans.  Whether they seek to be a better leader in their current workplace or wish to transition to a new job or industry, we guide them through a phased discovery process that ultimately helps them gain clarity, confidence, and direction on their next steps.

Business Consulting Services:

Marketing & Sales​

  • Business Development: Targeting and generating new revenue sources
  • Customer Service/Guest Experience: Training and procedural development
  • Marketing & Communications: Marketing plan development, communications best practices, and process implementation
  • Sales Management: Team development, training, goal setting, CRM, and process improvement coaching


  • Board Oversight: Stakeholder management, meetings, and communications
  • Crisis Planning: Communication plans and strategies to mitigate impact of crisis situations
  • Organizational Development: Business structure, resource planning and process optimization
  • Strategic Planning: Short- and long-term business planning

Professional Development Coaching:

Leadership & Change

  • Executive Presence: Building qualities of confidence, gravitas, and influence that signify you are a leader that others want to follow
  • Leadership Development: Individual coaching and skill set development specific for team leaders
  • Transition/Change Management: Tactics for successful self-management during uncertain times​

Personal Effectiveness

  • Career/Job Search Coaching: Guidance and tactics for efficient job searching, resume writing
  • Communications Coaching: Personal and business communication management
  • Time & Prioritization Management: Skill set development and productivity optimization

Alignment AdvisingAlignment Advising offers complimentary 30-minute consultations, details are on our website:  Schedule directly on our calendar: or drop us a line! (805) 233-7626